Stockton Aviation Research & Technology Park

Project Profile

Project Description

The Stockton Aviation Research Park is the logical evolution of the Research and Technology Activities that occur at the William J. Hughes Technical Center (WJHTC). The mission at the WJHTC has greatly expanded during the period since 9/11 to assure the safe and effective operation of our nation's airport. The Federal Aviation Administration has embarked on a new initiative entitled "NextGen" to transform the land based air traffic control system to a satellite system which will accommodate the expected doubling of air traffic in the next decade. The Stockton Aviation Research Park will provide a suitable research environment literally at the gates of the WJHTC to support this critical mission. Numerous independent analyses have been conducted to affirm the viability of this aviation campus.

Total jobs to be created – minimum 2000 highly paid Engineering/Technical jobs.

Private Investment - $300 million+

Project Scope

  • Location – Adjacent to the WJHTC, Amelia Earhart Boulevard and Delilah Road.
  • Size - 58.25 acres of wooded uplands.
  • Site Characteristics – Wooded upland site with no apparent constraints. Finding of No Significant Impact affirmed September 2008. All 58.25 acres are useable.
  • Location Advantages – Adjacent to WJHTC and the Atlantic City International Airport and in close proximity to full interchange of the Atlantic City Expressway.
  • Building Capacity – The site can easily accommodate the +400,000 square feet of building space as specified in CMX's proposed site plan and building square footage analysis. CMX's site plan proposes (7) seven multi-story building sites with appropriate levels of parking.
  • Site Access – As proposed, site access will be established on both Delilah Road and Amelia Earhart Boulevard.

Project Cost

Cost of infrastructure is estimated at $7.2 million, excluding any major intersection improvements.

Current Funding

  • $1 million New Jersey Department of Transportion
  • $2.5 million Atlantic County Bond Ordinance
  • $2.5 million Federal EDA Grant
  • $98,000 Special Initiative Grant
  • $4,732,200 Loan "The Bank"
  • 90% Loan Guarantee from USDA-Rural Development
  • Other funding pending



NextGen aviation building rendering

Concept Plan Click for Larger View

Site Concept Exhibit
Site Location Exhibit


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