Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

FY2022 CEDS (March 2023) and Executive Summary now available.

The Board of the South Jersey District initiated the preparation of this 2020-2025 CEDS covering the SJEDD Fiscal Year that began April 1, 2020.  For a number of important reasons, principally related to the evolving economic and demographic characteristics of the region; a need to revisit stakeholder and community priorities; and a desire to identify some new development priorities for the area this strategy has been prepared. An informed and focused response to the recovery from the COVID-19 crisis has guided preparation of the 2020-2025 Strategy. Emphasis is on economic recovery but focused on strategies to build a resilient economic structure in the District.

This update provides the framework for implementing a regional economic development agenda and targeting the regional initiatives and key industries identified in strategy that will bring greater prosperity to southern New Jersey. A CEDS Strategy Committee consisting of planners and key economic development professionals from the four county District were instrumental in providing content and structure to the document.  The District received input from each of its constituent counties at the end of 2022 and early 2023 to obtain suggestions on changes and updates to the CEDS and additional project concepts.