About the South Jersey Economic Development District

The South Jersey Economic Development District is an agency whose goal is to promote orderly and efficient economic development throughout its member counties, which include Atlantic, Cape, Cumberland and Salem counties. It also works to support the public general welfare and planning, as well as complement and coordinate state and county plans. The SJEDD supports county initiatives that improve and strengthen regional economic growth and development.

The SJEDD is comprised of an executive committee consisting of the chief elected officials of the four counties, as well as an executive director and support staff, and a board of directors. The board of directors includes local officials, community leaders and economic development directors. The board meets quarterly to discuss and prioritize economic development projects submitted to the Federal Economic Development Administration. The Federal EDA may provide grant funding for projects that meet federal guidelines. In addition, the SJEDD garners resources from numerous state and federal programs to carry out its mission.

Since its inception, the SJEDD has continually strived to work with participating communities in developing viable and creative projects that not only have a local benefit, but also have a positive impact on the overall economic environment of the area.

The SJEDD is committed to building a firm foundation to encourage economic growth in the future. By continually assessing opportunities that will better serve the needs of the region and the individual municipalities, the SJEDD is working hard to enhance the quality of life of the community where projects are initiated. Communities strive to present viable projects to the SJEDD in anticipation of increasing private sector investments, creating new job opportunities and improving its overall image.

The SJEDD has also experienced tremendous success in providing financing programs to assist small businesses in achieving their expansion goals.